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About Us

Step into the amazing world of Court Jester Fancy Dress, where costumes become pure magic. Our story kicks off in 1984 in Werribee, Victoria, with loads of excitement and imagination.

As time went by, we got more adventurous. We started out in a garage at Altona Meadows, which was our family’s place, and turned it into a haven for fun and creativity. But soon enough, we needed more space, so we moved on.

In 2008, we teamed up with a popular local fancy dress store in Newport. This boosted our collection of costumes for rent or purchase, making us a go-to spot for folks in the western and inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Our passion and creativity paid off when we won the 2011 Hobson’s Bay Business Award in the Retail Category. That was a huge deal for us. In 2012, we shifted to a warehouse on Fitzgerald Road, and that’s where we really took off. We became the ultimate place for Melbourne’s costume lovers, with a massive range of cos tumes and accessories for sale.

In a cool twist of fate, in November 2019, the business changed hands. Shantelle and Nathan, the former owners, passed on the legacy of Court Jester Fancy Dress to Rachael, the daughter of the original owner, Laura. That marked the start of an exciting new era. Our enchanting story keeps unfolding in our fantastic new fac-tory at 20 Jimmy Place, Laverton North, just off Doherty’s Road.

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