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Dinosaur costume

Kids love dinosaurs! And they’d be in for a treat if you dress them up in a dinosaur costume from Court Jester Fancy Dress! From a Barney-inspired kids’ dinosaur costume to a T-Rex costume, or even an inflatable dinosaur costume, your kids will bring tons of cuteness and fun and a lot of photographable moments to remember once the party is over! And then you can also join the fun when you also wear a dinosaur costume yourself! We have lots of dinosaur costumes available, just pick out the ones that they’d love and bring them to the party to have a roaring good time with family and friends.

Anything and everything is possible with Court Jester Fancy Dress. Each dinosaur costume we have is inspired by recognisable characters from The Flintstones’ Dino to Yoshi. The possibilities are truly endless and the adventure is just beginning as you discover a treasure of costumes aside from dinosaur costumes. We have costumes that cover the whole genre of popular culture, from cartoons to live-action movies! As the preferred costume shop in Melbourne, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect costume for you and your kids so get ready to party!

Fantastic Collection

Court Jester Fancy Dress offers a fantastic collection of animal costumes like bears, bees, cows, dogs, dinosaurs, and more! Our rich collection of costumes has made us the go-to source for all things costumes, whether it’s for a party or for a theatrical performance. We have become the default costume shop for costume lovers looking for that perfect attire to wear to parties, costume plays, conventions, and more. Our costume collection has inspired many to be daring enough to wear what they feel like wearing, go have a ball, and be awesome!

Our warehouse store has become a mecca of some sort, becoming the ultimate destination for everyone seeking the best costumes in Melbourne and surrounds. Here you’ll find costumes that come in complete sets, accessories and all. And our wide range of makeup will surely fire up your creativity so you can fully get into the character you’re dressing up as while you carefully replicate the look you’re trying to achieve.

With new costumes arriving weekly, you will want for nothing as it’s now going to be a matter of choice as to what kind of animal or creature you want to be when you go to the party.

About Us

Court Jester Fancy Dress is a family-owned business that has been serving the costume needs of many customers in Melbourne and all over Australia for 40 years now. Born out of love for the fun and creativity of dressing up, we wanted to spread excitement and imagination to everyone who wants to transform into their favourite characters. With a Hobson’s Bay Business Award in Retail Category in 2011 under our belt, it has fuelled our passion to level up our services and expand our brick-and-mortar establishment into a warehouse factory that can accommodate our massive range of costumes and accessories for sale. Get the party started with costumes from Court Jester Fancy Dress! Shop in-store at 20 Jimmy Place, Laverton North, VIC, Australia, or call us on 0437 377 877 for more information.

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