Established in 1984, Court Jester Fancy Dress first opened in Werribee.

A few years on, Court Jester relocated to Altona Meadows and operated there for several years. With demands in the industry and outgrowing its location, it moved to a bigger premise, in Harrington Square, Altona.

In 2006, Court Jester merged with a well-known local Newport Fancy Dress store, giving us a tremendous extended wardrobe, allowing our business to cater for the majority of the western and inner suburbs.

Court Jester won the 2011 Hobson’s Bay Business award in the Retail Category which was a major achievement.

In 2012 it relocated to a bigger and better premise on Fitzgerald Road. This enabled Court Jester to offer the largest retail range of costumes and accessories in Melbourne.

In November 2019, Court Jester Fancy Dress was sold to Rachael the daughter of the original owner of Court Jester back in 1998 and have now relocated to a new Factory at 20 Jimmy Place, Laverton North. (off Doherty’s Road).