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Court Jester Fancy Dress is the preferred costume shop in Melbourne. We have been providing fantastic costumes and accessories to both adults and children for 40 years! We are your one-stop costume store in Melbourne offering a wide collection of costumes which you can wear to costume parties, cosplays, themed events, and such, including accessories from wigs and false beards to contact lenses and costume teeth. Make us your go-to costume hire in Melbourne if you want to look like the character you’re dressing up as!

Whether you’re attending a party, celebrating Halloween, Year 12 Muck-up Day, Book Week, joining a sports carnival, attending a corporate event, performing in a theatre production, getting ready for a dance performance, planning weddings, engagements, birthdays, enjoying Oktoberfest, Christmas, Easter, and countless other occasions–we’ve got you covered. As the preferred costume shop in Melbourne, we have a vast collection consisting of recognisable characters from pop culture and storybooks, like Disney, Marvel or DC Comics characters, pirates, fairies, and many more!

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Inspiring Collection

Having a huge collection of costumes in store, Court Jester Fancy Dress has become the inspiration of many cosplayers in and around Melbourne. Not to mention those who have been checking out our merchandise online. We have become the default source for many theatre performers as well, searching for a particular look. Our casual costume seekers have been inspired to dress up in costume regularly as well, having seen the many possibilities that we have to offer in our warehouse store.

More than the costumes, we also have the accessories that go along with them. We have complete sets of costumes that already are accessorised as well. And to complete your costume, our collection of makeup will surely bring out your creativity, carefully replicating the look of the chosen character you’re dressing up as. All of this collection and more has made Court Jester Fancy Dress the preferred costume shop in Melbourne.

And our collection keeps on growing! With new costume arrivals every week, we currently have thousands of costumes available in our warehouse store, catering to every possible theme! Our knowledgeable costume experts will be at hand to assist you if you’re looking for the right costume you want to wear to the party. Visit our store to explore our diverse range today.

About Us

Court Jester Fancy Dress is a family-owned business that has been serving the costume needs of many customers in Melbourne and all over Australia for 40 years now. Born out of love for the fun and creativity of dressing up, we wanted to spread excitement and imagination to everyone who wants to transform into their favourite characters. With a Hobson’s Bay Business Award in Retail Category in 2011 under our belt, it has fuelled our passion to level up our services and expand our brick-and-mortar establishment into a warehouse factory that can accommodate our massive range of costumes and accessories for sale. Get the party started with costumes from Court Jester Fancy Dress! Shop in-store at 20 Jimmy Place, Laverton North, VIC, Australia, or call us on 0437 377 877 for more information.

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